What to include on a quilt label?


If you're a passionate quilter, you know that each stitch tells a unique story. Every quilt you create is a demonstration of love and dedication. So, why not add a personal touch and make your quilt even more special? One way to do this is by attaching an iron-on quilt label. It's like signing your name on a work of art, leaving a lasting legacy for generations to come.

When designing your quilt label, it's essential to include certain information to make it truly meaningful. Here are some friendly tips to guide you in creating the perfect quilt label:

1. Your Name: Be proud of your masterpiece! Including your name allows others to recognize your artistic talent and craftsmanship. It gives your quilt a personal touch and lets future admirers know who created it.

2. Date: Don't forget to include the date of completion. This simple addition will help track the quilt's history and serve as a reminder of the time and effort you put into its creation.

3. Quilt Name: If your quilt has a special name or theme, make sure to include it on the label. This adds an extra layer of significance and helps tell the story behind the design.

4. Your Location: This can be a snapshot of your current location and can tie you to the quilting traditions of the area. 

Optional Additions:

  • Care Instructions: To ensure your quilt lasts for years to come, include care instructions on the label. This can include washing recommendations, preferred detergents, or any other important information to help maintain its beauty.
  • A Personal Message: If you'd like to leave a heartfelt message, consider adding a short note to the label. It could be a dedication, a quote, or even a loving message for the recipient of the quilt.
  • Your Inspiration: If the quilt was inspired by an artist, workshop, event or challenge, you can record that here.

Remember, the purpose of an iron-on quilt label is to create a lasting connection between you, your quilt, and its future owners. By incorporating these key elements, you'll transform your quilt into a cherished heirloom and ensure its story is preserved for generations.

Your creations deserve the recognition and the personal touch that only you can provide. Happy quilting!

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