How to Use Your Quilt Labels

We have designed the labels to be as simple as possible. 

First, identify which type of label you have. We currently have two designs. 

  1. A 4"x6" rectangle designed to be sewn on to your finished quilt. 
  2. A 6" square designed to be sewn to your quilt when adding the binding. 

Instructions for the Rectangle

  • Use a permanent fabric pen (see this blog post for our recommendation) to write on your label. 
  • Allow your iron to heat to the high/cotton temperature. 
  • Turn under a 1/4-1/2 inch of fabric around the label and iron to create a crisp hem.
  • Place your label on the fabric and use a pin or two to hold it in place.  
  • Use a needle and thread to sew a whip stitch or running stitch around the label.
  • Your label is attached! 

Instructions for the Square

  • Use a permanent fabric pen (see this blog post for our recommendation) to write on your label.
  • Fold the square into a triangle and press.
  • Pin the triangle into the bottom left or right corner of your quilt. Line up the edges of the quilt with the edges of the label.
  • As you attach your binding, check to make sure you are catching the quilt label.
  • There is no need to sew down the long edge of the triangle once you finish your binding. 
  • Your label is attached!

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